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Red Theatre

The Red Theatre

This theatre has been transformed by Tian Chuang International Performing Arts, who invested heavily to make radical improvements to the fabric of the building, updated the production equipment to state of the art and invested heavily in the marketing of the plays. This theatre now leaves a strong impression with both its stunning building as well as the incredible performances.

The Legend of Kung Fu Show

The Red Theatre is now attracting a more urban and contemporary audience, with traditional plays that have been made popular in the movies, such as the Jade Emperor Bridge, being brought back to the theatre. Following the success of the Shaolin Kungfu dramas, “The Legend of Kung Fu” has made the Red Theatre a popular addition to the Beijing performing arts scene.

The show is heavily booked every night and because of their experience of successful overseas performances, this play has been well receive by both locals and foreign tourists.

The play has been watched by hundreds of world leaders, diplomats and their spouses as well as local, national and government ministers and has received rave reviews from the audiences.

The Sun newspaper in Canada said, “”Legend of Kung Fu” is the first wave of a Chinese Cultural tsunami”. The Irish First Secretary said: “This performance is more exhilarating than Riverdance.”


For thousands of years, the vast land of China has created various folk tales on the Song, Hua and Wudang mountains and inspired countless legends of the Chinese art of Kungfu. “Legend of Kung Fu” has grown out of such stories.

It starts in an ancient temple high on a mountain. It’s a story of a young monk, Chun Yi, leaving his mother for his apprenticeship with the hardy monks in the remote temple. It then passes through the challenges of enlightenment, gaining kung fu skills, perseverance, emotions and finding love before he finally becomes a great master. There is a theme of the never-ending struggles of growing up and learning to be an adult intertwined throughout the performance.

This play combines elements of martial arts, acrobatics and dance in its choreography. It has been performed for more than 10 years, with a total of more than 2,500 shows in Beijing as well as over 3,000 shows internationally and has been seen by hundreds of thousands of delighted theatregoers. It has become a signature show in the Chinese performing arts scene and has received numerous awards in Beijing and the rest of China.

This is a ‘must see’ show on your visit to Beijing!

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