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Shichahai Theatre — Mongolian Musical

Shichahai Theatre Mongolian Musical

Note! The show has been suspended until further notice. Visit this page later for updates. Please see the Panda Kung Fu Show, currently performed at Shichahai Theatre.

The Mongolian Musical

The musical "Celestial Blessings of the Divine Stallion" is adapted from an ancient folk legend of the Mongolian plains. In just two years it has become Beijing's number one must see musical act. The act is against the backdrop of a grand orchestral accompaniment at draws on traditional Mongolian singing, poetry and instrumental accompaniment coupled with modern techniques to create a beautiful evocation of the spirit of the legend.

Traditional Mongolian instruments are used to provide an unique twist on global musical genres like rock, orchestral and so forth. This allows audiences to witness the grandeur and mystery of ancient Mongolia and experience the fusion of Mongolian and world music. "Celestial Blessings of the Divine Stallion" utilises the distinctive Mongolian style of atonal musical arrangement to tell the epic love story of proud Mongolian princeling at the close of the Yuan dynasty and a poor peasant maid.

Promoting Ethnic China

China is vast and home to numerous ethnicities; Fifty-six in total, each possessing their own particular language and culture. Under the direction of noted scholar and philanthropist Li Jie "Celestial Blessings of the Divine Stallion" incorporates this legacy into its music and dance routines to evoke the spirit of the peoples in question.

Mongolian migrant workers in Beijing have brought their culture to the capital with them for many years now. "Celestial Blessings of the Divine Stallion" displays this cultural contribution on a grand scale, allowing Mongolian and other ethnic cultures to take their place as part of a harmonious world culture.

Theatre — Show Name:
Shichahai Theatre — Mongolian Musical
In Chinese:
什刹海剧场 — 天佑神骏
175 Yongan Road, Xicheng District
Beijing (Qianhai West Street)
In Chinese:
北京市西城区地安门西大街57 (前海西街)
Metro Line 6,
Beihai North Station (Exit B)
Station Name in Chinese:
Show Time:
Show currently not available.