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Golden Mask Dynasty — About The Show

OCT Theatre

The OCT Theatre

The Chinatown Group invested over two hundred million RMB in the OCT Theatre, as a dedicated venue for the show “Golden Mask Dynasty”. Located at the eastern part of Beijing, in Chaoyang District. Right next to the biggest amusement park in Beijing, the Happy Valley.

The building has 5 levels below ground, 4 levels above and a rooftop area. The contemporary design is unique with the steel structure of the lobby featuring a curved dome with a light sensitive glass curtain wall, which transforms it into a spectacular crystal palace.

The OCT Theatre is one of the major theatres in Beijing on a par with the National Centre for the Performing Arts and Poly Theatre.

The Show

The "Golden Mask Dynasty” is a spectacular theatrical show, an considered a modern masterpiece of Chinese cultural entertainment.

It features the only 360-degree revolving stage in China, which combined with spectacular special effects and the highest quality production values, gives incredible sensory feelings to the audience. It owes much to spectacular Las Vegas style shows but has its roots in ancient Chinese culture, being inspired by some of the most famous Chinese archaeological finds in San-Sing in Sichuan province. The seating capacity of OCT Theatre is over 1,400 in the main theatre.

The show, in eight acts, depicts the wisdom, tolerance, trust and love of the Golden Mask Empress and how she built her vibrant empire, starting with her battle for survival and ending in her evolution at the end.

About The Story

This is a Chinese story, an ancient romantic legend of a man and a woman, their timeless bonds and a golden promise made by a beautiful queen for love…

They met during the war and then forged an eternal friendship, found love together in the moonlight and were then separated by sacrifice. It shows all their emotions and the importance of wisdom, forgiveness, trust and love.

It is a masterpiece of an epic love story. When the Golden Mask Dynasty defeated the Blue Mask Dynasty during a war it takes many warriors as hostages, they in turn help to build an unprecedented and vibrant Empire. The Queen then announces an amnesty and the released warriors create many love stories with the ladies of the Golden Dynasty, but suddenly disaster happens and the Queen has to sacrifice herself for the sake of her people but the survivors continue her work and rebuild their country.

Woven amongst this scenario are many of the individual stories of the warriors, the Queen and her lover.

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